• You may submit as many of your custom figures as you like.
  • Do not submit duplicate work. Resubmitting the same customs with different pictures, submitting group photos of customs that have already been submitted, submitting different customs that have the same finished look, or submitting customs made from the same recipe are all considered duplicate work.
  • Only submit completed work. However, you are welcome to post “works in progress” in the forums to ask for help or suggestions.
  • Only submit whole customs, meaning we don’t want to see just a completed head, arm, etc.
  • Make sure you are submitting your own work. Do not submit someone else’s work unless they have asked you to do so.
  • No adult-oriented figures. Almost everything else will be accepted.
  • The Custom Showcase is only used for displaying custom action figures. However, accessories created for a specific action figure, such as Ghost Rider’s cycle or Punisher’s van, are also acceptable.
  • All submissions are reviewed and approved by a Regulator before they are added to the Custom Showcase.

A basic recipe of what you did to customize the figure is required!

You will also notice little red asterisks next to some fields on the Custom Submit form, those areas MUST be filled-in with info for your custom to be accepted. It is very basic information like your custom’s name, height, and what toy-series it best fits in with (Sailor Moon, Green Lantern, Spiderman — you can even request a new series!). It is also strongly encouraged to tell us what parts you used to make your figure. People want to know how you made your custom! Please, for the love of Mitra, please tell us how you made your custom! A quick recipe is fine, a detailed account of how many hydras you had to slay to get that perfect head is much better and greatly appreciated by everyone who sees your custom! We understand not everyone knows what figures they used to make a custom, but you should still be able to write something informative about the custom. What was the hardest part to make? How long did it take? Whose art-work did you base it on? Answering even these simple questions will make your custom more interesting to look at and most likely get it approved.


  • You may submit up to 3 different pictures for your custom figure. Only one is necessary, though.
  • Make sure the file size of the pictures is under 2MB. The smaller the pictures are, the less likely you are to have problems when you are submitting them. The maximum dimension (either dimension) of each picture is 600 pixels. The pictures will automatically be resized to 600 pixels when you submit them, but again, you are less likely to have problems submitting if you resize the pictures before you submit them.
  • The preferred format for your images is jpg. You may upload images in the format of jpg, gif or png. However, all images are converted to jpg before being displayed.
  • You should include at least one full shot of your completed figure, preferably Picture #1. The rest of the pictures can be other angles, close ups of different features, work in progress pics, reference art or whatever compliments your work.
  • When you attach your pictures for uploading, Picture #1 will always appear as the thumbnail image when you are browsing the Custom Showcase.
  • The pictures do not have to be professional, or even great quality, but if they are too blurry, too small, or we can’t make out the figure, we will discard them. Also, if two pictures are essentially the same shot, we will discard one of them to save server space.
  • It’s recommended that you crop all dead space from around the picture of your custom. Basically, you want the figure to take up as much of the image as possible by removing any unnecessary background aspects.
The description can be used to describe your custom figure any way you like. You may include a background story, the recipe you used to create the figure, stories about creating your custom, the most difficult parts, etc. Remember, at least a minimum description of what you did to customize your figure is required. The Custom Showcase is meant to display works for hobbyists, providing an opportunity to show off creations, exchange ideas and trade feedback. The Custom Showcase is not meant to be used as a means to sell customs or commission work. For this reason, we ask that you not make references in your descriptions, or any other aspects of the Custom Showcase, that infer such ideas. This includes comments such as “buy my custom” or “commission me”. HTML syntax and links are not allowed.


Group Submissions

The highly preferred method for submitting customs to the Custom Showcase is to submit one custom with each submission. This allows the recipe and specific details of each custom to be correctly tracked, more photos for each individual custom, and keeps comments and questions streamlined for the appropriate custom. However, there may be a circumstance where you feel two or more customs belong together as a team or group. We still strongly encourage you to submit them separately, but if you feel they need to be represented together, you may do so as long as you follow these guidelines:

  • Custom submissions can not be duplicated. Customs should either be submitted individually, or once as one group, not both.
  • Make sure you include some kind of recipe for the customs so we know what’s been customized in the group. If each custom has a big recipe, it’s probably better to submit these individually.
  • Group photos are allowed on individual submissions, as long as the group photo isn’t your first picture.
  • Customs in the Showcase can always be updated to include group photos at a later time.
  • Tip – Did you know you can increase the number of pictures you can include with each submission by making a small contribution?
Protecting your Work
You are welcome to add your logo to your custom pictures so no one else can take credit for your work. It’s not required, but you can put your logo on the pictures you submit as long as it’s not advertising anything. This means do NOT make your logo have a website’s or store’s name in it, or the custom will be rejected. A small transparent icon or even something as simple as your name in fancy letters is just fine and will discourage theft.


Updating Customs
If you see any errors in your custom description, or even if you’d like to submit some better pictures, you can do it by using the Monkey Wrench located at the top of that custom’s page (Note: you must be logged in to the site to see it). You can edit almost everything about your custom! This feature should also be utilized if you have made updates to a custom. Remember, you must update your existing entry in the Showcase. Do not resubmit your work, or this is considered duplicate content and can get you in trouble with the Regulators.
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The figures contained in the Custom Showcase are not for sale by Afrosuperlistic, and the creators of the customs are no way affiliated with Afrosuperlistic. The Custom Showcase is purely for entertainment & educational purposes and only provides a means for the creators to show off their work and trade ideas. Afrosuperlistic does not make or sell customs. If you want a figure, contact the cusomizers privately!


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